Are You Using Protection – on Facebook?

06 May

Are You Using Protection – on Facebook?

Using protection is essential, especially for those who frequent social media sites. Facebook, for instance, is a mode of communication, entertainment, and information for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, but precisely because of its tremendous popularity, it is also a great target for hackers and blackhat SEOs. Using Protection, a new online service, helps you stop the spread of viruses to your friends and contacts.

If you have logged into your Facebook account recently, you have probably seen links that say they will take you to a video of Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of US Navy SEALs. If the curious click-through, they will put themselves at risk for a virus, which could compromise the security of their account and information. There are scores of these, ranging from supposed video of Charlie Sheen found dead at home to a young lady who committed suicide because of something her father posted on Facebook. While the topics vary, they are alike in that they try to capitalize on very human curiosity. The more “juicy” the story, the better.

The mind behind PDF, Acrobat, the first e-commerce website, and seven other companies, Randy Adams, developed Using Protection to keep you from inadvertently spreading such viruses. Think you don’t need it? Consider that Facebook has about 600 million users: 200 million will encounter some sort of virus or spam on their Walls and spread it to friends.

Adams’s program scans your account looking for various forms of malware. Each instance is recorded in the program’s database and will be blocked. If a virus makes it onto a user’s wall, Using Protection replaces the link and will highlight it in either red or orange according to the threat level.

Using Protection is not perfect; in tests, it didn’t catch 100 percent of viruses or spam. However, it is a great start in the right direction – and it’s free. As more people download the program, it should build a stronger and more up-to-date database, which will increase its efficacy. The security program is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox and will be ready soon for users of Chrome and Safari.

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