Embed Video Content in Acrobat

08 February

Embed Video Content in Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a document format with the ability to display contents uniformly across all platforms. Acrobat's ease of use and page up/down functionality is flawless - making Adobe Acrobat the defacto format for sharing digital documents.

For most users Acrobat is limited to text and images. Although Acrobat has had the ability to embed video for quite some time - only advanced users with scripting knowledge were able to utilize the feature. In Adobe's latest release, Acrobat can embed video content with a simple menu item click. This exciting new feature allows acrobat documents to hold multimedia content - further extending Adobes lead in the document sharing world.

Embedding Video into your PDF doc (be sure you have Acrobat 9 PRO) :

1. First, click on the “Tools” menu item in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

2. In this menu click “Advanced Editing.”

3. Now click “Movie Tool.”

4. Using the Movie Tool draw a rough outline of the box in which the video will appear on your page.

5. Once you have drawn your box, you’ll be prompted to browse for the location of the video you want to insert into the PDF file. Locate the video on your hard drive.

6. Name and save your .pdf document.

7. Thats it - the video should be embedded into your .pdf.

Always be sure to test the .pdf prior to sending out and also be aware of your file size. Embedding video is now simpler than ever; however if you embed a massive video- your recipients may not be able to download the file.

for more information on how to embed video using Acrobat visit:

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