Add a custom watermark using batch command.

19 February

Add a custom watermark using batch command.

Have you ever needed to add a copyright, photo credit or logo to multiple images on a site? If the answer is yes - heres a solution that covers not only basic text credits but can also incorporate type effects , image adjustments, re-scaling, renaming and or resizing to multiple images with a single pre-saved command. (For this entry we used Fireworks but Photoshop is equally capable)

Heres how:

1. First create a document that matches the target size of the documents you plan to process.

2. Use this as a canvas to create and place your watermark, photo credit, or logo. Feel free to adjust the placement and appearance using transparency or any type of image effects needed. In the next few steps you will be laying this file on top of any images you wish to watermark so keep that in mind.

3. Save the doc using transparent background png name it template.png.

4 .Open a sample file you wish to apply the watermark to.

5. Now chose import file and import template.png to your canvas. Then save the file using any name you wish.

6. Go to history and select the steps you just made (import and save).

7. Export these steps as a command (name it whatever you like - for example: watermark.js). This will export a .js file including whatever steps you took which will be reused later.

8. Now your ready to batch process as many images as needed.

9. Under file pull down to batch process - keep in mind you don't need to open any files - its all done using the finder from this point.

10. Chose batch and add all the files you wish to process. You can add files from multiple folders and multiple locations.

11. Click next step and scroll down to commands - you should see the command you created and named at the bottom of the list. (note: you can also apply any of the pre-made commands to your batch process at this time)

12. Complete the steps by selecting your settings and press the batch button to start the process.

13. Go get some coffee while your computer goes through the list of files and completes the task for you.

When working on large scale projects the time savings of batch process can be significant. The downside is getting your commands right is tedious and can produce unexpected results - so it pays to experiment untill you get it right. The plus side is once you have your test file to where you want it - batch process will rip through as many files as you can throw at it.

Try batch processing next time you need to resize, rename or apply effects to a large amt of images - you'll be surprised how much time it saves.

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