THAT Agency Launches a New Email Marketing Solution

06 October

THAT Agency Launches a New Email Marketing Solution

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - October 6, 2009 - THAT Agency recently expanded their reach, by completing the development of a new email marketing software. After many frustrating years of trying to find the perfect email marketing program, THAT Agency has developed a solution that is encompassing.

With THAT Agency's email campaign software, users are able to create email marketing campaigns that are beautifully engineered from start to finish. And, if you don't have the technical knowledge, or time, THAT Agency can send out and manage your email marketing campaign for you.

THAT Agency's allows you to create and send email marketing campaigns, manage lists and subscribers, view professional looking reports and analyze the effectiveness of each of your campaigns with analytics.

"As professionals in the field of online marketing," we recognized a need, for our clients' and also for ourselves, " said Bill Teubner, President, "which is why we decided to take all of the best features of other 3rd party email campaign systems, and combine them into one system that does it all."

If you have the ability to send your email marketing campaigns yourself, you can simply import your custom HTML and CSS with the click of a mouse and use the integrated testing tools to make certain your email campaigns look great in every email program.

Additionally you have the freedom to manage a small email list, or delve into larger list management tasks utilizing segmenting and personalizing. THAT Agency's email software takes the guess work out of list management by automatically taking care of things like bounces and unsubscribers.Most importantly THAT Agency's email campaign software offers state-of-the-art email tracking. With the ability to integrate Google Analytics, THAT Agency's email program allows users to track their email campaign at a much deeper level, and develop a better understanding of what drives their users.For a full list of THAT Agency's email campaign software's features and functionality, visit the dedicated site at

About THAT Agency

THAT Agency has become one of the leading web design and development firms in Florida. While their client list includes international companies such as Sol Melia Resorts and Masonite Doors, they are still able to meet the needs and budgets of small businesses. They are able to provide all of the services of a web solutions company, as well as the expertise and creativity of an advertising agency. With a full staff of designers, developers, and marketing specialists they are capable of designing a solution for just about any marketing or advertising need. From the web to print, THAT Agency has built a reputation based on its quality and timely delivery.

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