Top 10 Secrets for Building a Successful Website

20 August

Top 10 Secrets for Building a Successful Website

Businesses are increasingly realizing that building a successful website is essential to their existence. Apart from selling, building a good website can create a platform for spreading awareness and gaining recognition. Thus, following website building tips, such as having a user-friendly design and proper optimization, can spell success for organizations.

Top 10 Website Building Tips
Here are some tips for building a successful website:

  • Easily accessible and informative content: Visitors want meaty content. If visitors have to struggle to know about the product they wish to buy, they may lose patience, lowering the conversion rate. Classify the content. Components of shopping area, such as an order form, should be easily accessible. A page size below 40K is fine.
  • Simple navigation: Visitors prefer a site if its functionality helps them browse through where they wish to go. If a lot of their time is spent on reaching the right place, they are likely to move to another site. A navigational bar on the home page accompanied by a search feature can help in building a successful website.
  • Professional appearance: People expect a company's website to appear professional. A professional appearance lends an impression that the firm is reliable.
  • Build credibility: Provide sufficient information on your organization and give all the contact details. This strengthens a visitor’s trust in the authenticity of the owner of the website. This is a major requirement for building a good website. Have a ‘Contact Us’ button on all pages. It should mention the business name, email address, phone numbers, fax and other important details that a customer may want to know.
  • Facilitate return visits: People who may want to return to the website for some information should be able to find it. Ensure that each page on the website includes the name, phone number and URL. Include it in the template used to create web pages.
  • Persuade browsing and impulse bargains: Allow consumers to browse through the website before they make the final purchase. While you are giving information on the benefits of a particular product, attaching impulse buys to it can help in boosting sales.
  • Push for add-on deals: Promote products related to the items that customers purchase. Add the links of add-on products to the shopping cart software.
  • Provide ordering options: Many customers are not comfortable sharing credit card information online. Optimize sales by offering alternative methods of payment. Options such as order by phone, fax or mail can support this system. At the same time, keep discounts for those ordering over the Internet.
  • Reply to emails daily: Immediate responses to the queries of visitors make them believe in the usability of the website. This communication is one of the steps in building a successful website.

Ask for feedback: A feedback form facilitates customers to express what they want. Businesses can capitalize on these suggestions to enhance the quality of the products they offer and the usability of the website.

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