What is Important for your Ecommerce Website?

24 July

What is Important for your Ecommerce Website?

Considering how competitive the Internet store business is, ecommerce websites have to establish a distinct identity to achieve success. Among the various factors that can help in making this happen are ecommerce website designs and site navigation.

Ecommerce Websites: Factors That Impact Performance
Listed below are factors that can make a website successful:

  • Visual design: Use of bandwidth-consuming multimedia, such as animation and sound clips, should be avoided. Usability should remain the focus area. The following factors should be in place for the visual design to work for ecommerce websites:
    • Arrangement of content
    • Consistency of colors (representing the store’s values)
    • Placement of images (crucial to the conversion of visitors into customers)
  • Site navigation: The first thing that visitors should notice is the product navigation linkage. User-friendly site navigation is a must. It should not require customers to click several times or follow many links to locate the information they want. An online catalog can be helpful. Consider categorizing the links into navigational groups.
  • Product description: Ecommerce websites should help customers in understand the product to the extent that they can appreciate its utility or the pleasure of owning it. This is one section of ecommerce websites where multimedia can come into action to give customers a virtual shopping experience. Large-scale images, three dimensional views, color tweaking options and testimonials can enhance the quality of the information available.
  • Check-out process: After a customer chooses a product and placed it into his shopping cart, the ‘check out’ process involve:
    • Reviewing the order
    • Entering shipping and billing addresses
    • Providing payment information
    • Confirmation of the sale

These tasks should be divided into steps to make the process simpler. User registration can allow regular customers to check-out quickly.

The ultimate aim of ecommerce website designs should be to make the online shopping experience hassle free.

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