Web Design Trends for 2009

21 May

Web Design Trends for 2009

Web design trends for 2009 seem to hint that, while advancements on certain fronts will give way to novel designs, many of the old favorites will be back in fashion.

Web Design Trends: Technicalities
Here are the top trends in web design that are expected to spread across the market in 2009:

  • Obsession about forms: Homepages showing galleries and top lists will give way to a form focusing on comments and search. Usability experts, marketers and books like ‘Web Design for ROI’ have emphasized the significance of a proper form design.
  • Lightweight websites: Lightweight websites are bound to return. With netbooks and smartphones becoming a huge success, websites that are smaller in terms of both byte size and pixel will be back. Not many people wish to create numerous versions for different viewers.
  • IE 6 support: As the market share of Internet Explorer 6 has fallen below 20%, more and more sites will cease to support it. This will further result in people switching to alternatives due to spiraling problems. This will pave the way for web design developments that are overdue and were previously not being supported.

New Trends in Web Design: Artistic Websites
The 2009 web design trends reserve the lustrous appearance for business websites. An increasing number of artistic websites are opting for handmade designs. Art-related websites, music bands, design studios, photo galleries and personal pages will tend to have the following elements as the essence of their design:

  • Grunge: Dirty looks seem to be in. While they have already been on the stage for quite some time now, music websites and blogs will be increasingly adopting this trend. Such designs will have lavish backgrounds and give a grungy appearance to the site as a whole.
  • Vintage: Nostalgia is what these web designs aim at. Old illustrations and photos of events create an atmosphere that is rapidly gaining popularity. Also, the use of vintage pictures as a background makes websites more attractive.
  • Sketches: Features like sketches and handwriting as the backdrop give websites a special touch, filling life into the design. Web designs such as these reflect how personal a site is and give it that human touch which makes the appearance uniquely artistic.
  • Collage: Web design has traveled a full circle. Collages that were once a rage before Photoshop entered the scene are making a comeback. If mixing is what one wants, collages have become the ultimate choice. Blending a variety of elements is what many sites are trying to do, as fusion becomes the buzzword.

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