Getting to know the 960 Grid System

05 May

Getting to know the 960 Grid System

There is a popular commercial on television for a company that claims to “move at the speed of business.” As anyone who owns a small business can tell you, time truly is money, and sometimes, it helps to have a system for web design that cuts down on the mistakes and maximizes the number of people you can reach with your site. The 960 Grid System is named for the web design idea of having 960 lines per web page. By breaking things down into a grid system, not only can you download and use a wide variety of templates, the 960 Grid System looks fantastic in a wide range of browsers, which is a huge deal when you consider how many different ways people browse the net.

For instance, the 960 Grid System works wonders with all Windows operating systems going back to Windows 98. It receives an A+ grade in Internet Explorer 7 (when used with XP and Vista), IE 6 (when used with 98, 2000 and XP), Firefox 2.0 or higher (when used with 98, 2000, XP, Vista and both current Mac operating systems), and even with Opera, although there does appear to be an issue when Opera is used with Vista. Although the 960 Grid System isn’t perfect, it does leave fewer issues than any other design platform. When you consider how many easy to implement templates are floating around out there, it is quite the enticing choice for up and coming companies or even bloggers who want to hit the information superhighway running.

By breaking up your web pages into easily identifiable grids, you can take the huge task of designing a page and break it into much smaller and easier to handle pieces, much like how editors design your daily newspaper. It is unknown if the 960 Grid System will change the way designers use the web, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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