Facebook Doubles Its User Base

19 January

Facebook Doubles Its User Base

Social networks and social media have been around for quite some time. Most computer people have dabbled with platforms like myspace or linkedin. But recently, there has been a huge wave of non computer types drawn towards social media by what's been called the other internet. Thats right folks were talking about facebook.

Although I do consider myself a computer person, Im not not a fan of excessive internet use - its boring and personally I'd rather go outside or watch TV. But logging in to facebook can be pretty entertaining - even rewarding sometimes. It allows people to connect and its ability to toss out recent posts by people within your circle is very cool. Its like, hey "so and so did this yesterday" wanna see more? Its up to you to explore, but usually its enough to know your friends are out there. You can get the scoop without staying in touch because facebook does it for you. Since joining about 6 months ago I've reconnected with literally all my high school friends, some grade school friends and countless other "acquaintances". Because of this I consider facebook to be one of the few internet sites thats made an impact.

In recent months facebook has seen explosive growth in its user base which has been estimated at somewhere around 140 million people. Additionally this growth is fueled by their network growing by upwards of 250,000 people per day - and that number is accelerating. According to facebook, that number will be over 500,000 per day in the near future and they are on target to double the user base this year. With growth like that facebook has clearly raised the bar with social media.

So what made facebook grow at such a fast pace? was it advertising?

Not really. Their advertising budget is large, but its not how I found out. I heard of it from a friend. Who probably heard of it from a friend. Facebook is so viral its almost epidemic. Anytime a product or service fuels its own growth things get interesting as we've seen with facebook. If you havent already, try it out! FACEBOOK

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