THAT Agency Delivers Gran Melia's Heightened Level of Luxury to the Web

10 November

THAT Agency Delivers Gran Melia's Heightened Level of Luxury to the Web

WEST PALM BEACH FL - Gran Melia a Sol Melia brand of international luxury hotels and resorts has officially launched a website designed and developed by Web design and online marketing firm THAT Agency. To reflect the grandeur the unconditional beauty of Gran Melia's 12 global properties THAT Agency worked with the brand to develop a look and feel to the website that would broadcast an experience similar to what one would encounter at any of their breathtaking resorts.

The design of was a delicate process; intended to instill the hotels' bold and contemporary qualities.

"It was a mutual agreement; we needed to create a website that was more than just a booking and branding utility but a sophisticated cocktail of imagery typography Flash and whitespace," said THAT Agency President, Bill Teubner.

Flash was woven into the design resting below the page-fold allowing visitors to navigate between hotel properties along an interactive map. Locations such as Shanghai the Canary Islands and Palma de Mallorca Spain are accessible within mouse clicks.

THAT Agency's development of relied on the cohesion of several behind-the-scenes style and programming languages. The brand site itself was developed in HTML to define the overall structure. Tableless CSS was implemented to control specific design elements such as text positioning and color. Additionally Prototype a JavaScript Framework was employed in collaboration with to provide the website with additional user interface elements and visual effects.

The new brand site also serves as a portal to twelve individual mini-sites also designed and developed by THAT Agency that uphold the layout and navigational themes applied to while still incorporating their own visual characteristics distinctive to each property.

"The Gran Melia brand is one marked by 'timeless luxury and a flair for the avant-garde'. It is a message we wanted to communicate not only on the website but through the website," said Peter Zudyk, Vice President Sol Melia Hotels and Resorts.

About Gran Melia Hotels & Resorts

Gran Melia is a luxury brand of Sol Melia resorts and hotels operating in twelve international locations. Presenting a distinctive hotel experienced marked by a flair for the avant-garde Gran Melia Hotels are situated in some of the most breathtaking cities in the world swallowed by the culture and lingering resonance of Sol Melia's Spanish passion. Gran Melia Hotels & Resorts can be contacted at 1-866-43-MELIA or on the Web at

About THAT Agency

THAT Agency is a leading Web design and online marketing firm from Florida. While their client list includes international corporations such as Norwegian Cruise Lines and Masonite Doors they continue to meet the needs and budgets of smaller businesses. They are able to provide all of the services of a web solutions company as well as the expertise and creativity of an advertising agency. With a full staff of designers developers and marketing specialists they are capable of designing a solution for just about any marketing or advertising need. From the web to print THAT Agency has built a reputation based on quality and timely delivery. THAT Agency can be contacted at 561-832-6262 or on the Web at

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