Simple Ways to Monitor your Online Reputation: Part 1

15 September

Simple Ways to Monitor your Online Reputation: Part 1

The increasingly socially-responsive Web has made it more important to continually monitor your business or brand’s reputation online. As your customers, potential customers and the media increasing use the web to talk about and learn more about your business, you need to be proactive in monitoring what’s being said. Knowing how your brand is perceived is critical in improving your product/service and customer relations. On the Web, there are a number of great tools available that can help webmasters gain a view of who’s out there linking to and talking about their website and brand. Google Alerts is just one basic tool that you should be using.

Google Alerts
As you may already know, the Google search bots are constantly running around the internet in search of information to index. You can use this to your advantage by having Google notify you every time it finds something related to your brand or business. The easiest way to do this is to setup a Google Alert. This can be done by creating a free account with Google and clicking on ‘Alerts’.

With Google Alerts, you can setup automated notifications to be sent to your inbox each time Google comes across any given keyword phrase, such as your business name or product(s). When you receive a notification, you’ll also receive a link to the location where your keyword phrase was found. Once you set this up, you’ll receive immediate, daily or weekly notifications which make it easy to review instances where other websites talk about you.

What You Can Expect to Find
Most of the time, businesses are shocked to see the frequency and types of places that there brand name appears. Expect to find bloggers, customer review websites and press releases that mention your brand. While Google won’t find anywhere near every occurrence of your alert, you will get a taster of what’s out there.

What You’ll Learn:
* If you’re trying to get the buzz out about your brand or a new product, you’ll get a feel for how successful your campaigns have been by seeing who’s talking about it based on how many places Google finds it.
* If you’re monitoring customer reaction toward a new product, you may see reviews and blog posts written about it.
* If you find no mention of your brand or products, you may want to consider a stronger online marketing campaign.

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