Most useful php development sites Part 1

09 September

Most useful php development sites Part 1

If you know me, then you know that I love me some PHP. Well in the course of all the years I have been coding, there were and are a bunch of websites that I often reference for a "how to" or to grab a class here and there. Grab a class? you may ask. Of course, why wouldn't I. That's like saying "Hey the transmission in my car broke, but I'm not going to go to find another one, I am going to build one from scratch." Sounds silly in those terms right? well that's probably because it is. So anyway, Here are a couple of websites that I often go to the see whats happening in my coding world.

1. - Obviously this is a no-brainer. This IS the site for PHP. So any function or term used in PHP is probably; wait no its in there!

2. - Looking for a class? Well here you go. Not too much to explain since its pretty obvious as to what the site is about and if you don't know, then stop right here, back away from your keyboard and mouse, and escort yourself from your job.

3. - PHP Builder is one of those sites that you can pretty much read a bunch of articles on "how to's" in PHP.

4. - Don't want to reinvent the wheel? then here you go. I can honestly say that since my I have always looked at this site to see what they had in the php world.

5. - The W3C is one of the best sites out in the world of Web Development period! with some step-by-step lessons and actual testing environments, this is a really cool site to look into if your starting out or looking to check something out. Everyone cannot know everything.

Well that's it for now folks. Hope some or all of these sites are useful in your PHP Development.

Look out for Part 2.

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