Making it easier

23 September

Making it easier

Maps, remember what an Atlas was? Remember pulling out the 5’ x 5’ map in your car and trying to find where you were on one red thin line with hundreds of streets, highways, parks and shopping centers? I do and it wasn’t so long ago. Nowadays you can find your exact location at point A and a detailed description of where point B is, at your finger tips. It started with the internet, sites such as Map Quest and Google Maps started popping up in conversations of how to get somewhere. Now it’s a house hold tool for us to find the shortest route to the new restaurant that opened...

Map Quest is a basic site; all you need is the business name and zip code of where you want to go. The maps are easy to understand and block out what you don’t need to see. Google earth is a neat program that takes maps to a different level. You can explore the world in such detail, it shows satellite images of actual landscapes, roads, houses and buildings. They also have Google Space that shows you stars and planets, but who needs that.

Well having a great map on your site affects you. Users like to know how to get to your business directly from your site and just about every company that has a website has a map on it. Some are good some not so good. If you don’t have the proper tools to create a map you can drop Map Quest on your page no problem. It’s a plus for Map Quest and an equal plus for the company. If you want to have your own custom map that matches the tone and feel of your site then having a flash integrated map gives you that ability.
Maps are coming a long ways on the internet and I believe they will become even more high tech, this is just the beginning. I have yet to see a map on the internet that blows me away, except for Google earth. I’m excited to see the future of maps; they are about making your life easier.

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