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04 September

Google Chrome Browser Blog Post 5618326262

There is much buzz around the new Google browser named Chrome. As a developer I flinched at first to hear that it was finally released. "Another browser I need to code for?" give me a break. But, as a web developer I guess its our job to make it happen. The only silver lining to this was that it was created and coded by Google so I at least knew that it would follow W3 standards and that it would at least be stable. Unlike many of the Microsoft products that are released. IE 8 should be making its appearance soon even
though a beta version of IE 8 is already out. (and of course I am NOT downloading that).

So what is so special about Chrome?

At first the browser seems pretty plain and child like. Since Google always seems to develop products that are minimal, but will a powerful backend, I was not surprised at the look and feel of it. I began by just clicking on any and every option I could find. What I found was some cool little things like having its own "kinda-sorta" firebug built in. Some of you may know, but firebug is probably the best Firefox plugin created thus far; not only for developers but everyone alike. There is also an Incognito mode which will not save your information into their nifty, but presumptuous attempt to let me know where I have been online.

Chrome is a little speed demon.

I recently tested the speed in which chrome delivers a website as compared to IE7 and Firefox using one of the websites we developed here for Masonite; a leading door company, and discovered that it DID actually load the page pretty quickly.

What is Google Chrome Browser up to?

hmmm. There has been speculation that Google is trying to gather users habits online in an effort to improve their algorythm or just straight up be nosy. in either case you can just decline this on setup or in the options section of the browser.

The barrage of Google Chrome Browser posts and blogs:

Everyone knows that people are going to flurry the internet with posts and blogs about Chrome; and I guess I am no exception, but I did come across some cool things while searching:

Already a JS Chrome detector - David Walsh is a developer out of Madison, Wisconsin and he has posted a quick javascript on detecting Google Chrome using javascript on his personal blog. Basically one line

var is_chrome = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('chrome') > -1;

you can read more about its use on his blog.

Another cool thing I found was on (yea already!) were a bunch of Google Chrome shortcuts you can learn to use.

My own "cool feature" and the "where is the..."

So probably one of the cool features I found on my own was the tab slider. I occasionally like to move my tabs around on Firefox and so I tried the same thing on Google's Chrome and was wowed (yes! wowed by moving a tab) by the cool slider effect Chrome does; Try it!

The "Where is the..." is my mouse wheel option to quickly scroll up and down, left and right on a website. Where is it Google? Tell me know!!!

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