Keyboard Shortcuts

18 August

Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts. They help me multitask and every program lets you use them. It’s a great feeling to discover one on your own.

For me keyboard short cuts started with Photoshop. I can work on an entire project without once touching the top navigation bar or selecting something I need. I know just about every shortcut, test me. My favorite would have to be ctrl + alt + shift + s (save for web) I think I like it so much because I use it the most. Then of course you have to move to the Tools. Using Tool shortcuts makes image editing a breeze. You can manipulate the image and it’s so fast. The Tool short cuts are a hit of just one letter. Let’s say you need to type something, press T and your new tool is the Character tool, start typing. Need the Magic wand? Press W. How about Zoom, press Z. See the pattern, most of the shortcuts are the first letter of the tool you need. If it’s not a tool but a part of your page setup it’s simply ctrl + the first letter of what you need. Like Ruler ctrl + R. If you need to change the color of your image slightly try Levels, ctrl + L (that is one of the first shortcuts I learned) I also like to close my docs by hitting ctrl + W, don’t forget to save it though… just press Y when it asks if you’d like to do so. The list of shortcuts goes on, try them out and discover new ones, that’s the best part.

A great thing about mastering a programs keyboard short cuts is that it will be the same in their sister programs. For instance all Photoshop shortcuts are the same in Illustrator, In Design, Fireworks, and the other programs use simple shortcuts. Simple shortcuts are ctrl + s (save), ctrl + p (print), ctrl + w (close) you get me gist. Oh design program short cuts are different than development short cuts. I am learning the shortcuts for Dreamweaver. I only have the most important down pat. Like ctrl + shift + U, will Put the file. F5 will refresh your url so you can see the change you made. Then there are different ways of saving your files. So I have found those most helpful. I can’t imagine how many more there are. It will be exciting to find them out.

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