Building Links by Marketing Quality Content – Back to the Basics

21 July

Building Links by Marketing Quality Content – Back to the Basics

There are many different approaches to effective link building, many of which are effective under the right circumstances. Some approaches will provide instant and measurable results. For example, submitting a website to a niche directory may provide a link once the website is submitted and/or paid for. Other approaches, while you don’t always see immediate results, can create a steady stream of inbound links over time.

Creating Quality Content
Time and time again we hear that ‘quality content is king’ when it comes to improving website visibility and rankings. Creating quality content can mean anything from writing a great article or creating a great online resource to building a helpful application free for others to use. The more quality content you can produce; the more there is for the search engines to digest.

Another big advantage of producing quality content its' tendency to increase the number of inbound links to your website. As other webmasters and bloggers find content you’ve created; some may find it useful enough to link to from their own website or blog. The search engine logic of assigning so much value to inbound links is rooted in the very concept that good, useful content will attract links.

Marketing Quality Content
The ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy doesn’t always apply when trying to gain exposure to content. While it’s possible that others will stumble-upon content you’ve created, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to help this process along. Here’s what you can try:
1. Write an interesting, informational and unique article related to your niche, create a useful application, or compile a useful resource on a topic relevant to your website.
2. Submit a link to your new content to websites like Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon or other similar websites. Here, you’ll be presenting your content to peers for review. If they like it, you’ll receive votes and more exposure.
3. Visit forums where people interested in your content may visit. It’s important that you’re an established member of this community before posting. You’re reputation in the forum will make you suggestion more trusted by those in the community. If you’re not a member of any relevant forums, get going now. Social media marketing is always easier when you’re already apart of the social scene.
4. Make it easy for your website visitors to recommend the content to others. This can be accomplished by adding a 'send to a friend' link or by adding links that make it easy for visitors to recommend your content to the popular social networks like those listed above.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this particular method of link building can take time. Don’t worry if you’re content didn’t shoot to the top of Digg on the first day. The important goal here is to get your content as much exposure to the right people as possible.

The main benefit and what makes this such an effective link-building technique is that this is the link building technique that keeps on giving. As time passes and your website attracts more visitors, you’ll have more opportunities to build links without any additional effort. If you’ve provided truly great content, you’ll hopefully continue to periodically receive links to your website.