THAT Agency Now Offers their Social Media Marketing Services

27 April

THAT Agency Now Offers their Social Media Marketing Services

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, April 28, 2008- In response to their growing relevance in Social Media and the success of their clients' campaigns, THAT Agency, a leading Web design and online marketing firm from Florida, now offers new and existing clients the opportunity to elevate their presence on the Web. As the current state of the Internet hinges on public information and the ability to personalize an experience, Social Media has become the essential force to any successful marketing campaign. THAT Agency provides clients an unparalleled range of Social Media solutions so that they may capture a targeted audience.

THAT Agency plans large and small-scale Social Network campaigns for their clients; applying a strong understanding of bold-name search engines, and large to niche social networks, then customizing a strategy to fit their agenda. Knowing how to precisely navigate within these communities can be a key branding tactic, as well as a traffic-generator.

THAT Agency believes that the Web is founded on clear and creative content, and they work with their clients to deliver their message to the largest possible audience. By developing and implementing a Web Log, or Blog for short, they can introduce a fresh and compelling voice to a client's brand, and elevate them to an authority-status.

In the same principle that a Blog can persuade and project an idea, THAT Agency's Media Sharing service is a skillfully perfected art form of optimizing shared media, and using its inherent viral nature to surge traffic. Services such as YouTube, Flickr, and Metacafe serve as figurative incubators for some of the most effective and provocative marketing campaigns known to the Web.

THAT Agency's Social Bookmarking service is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage links to Web pages; meaning that a well constructed Social Bookmarking campaign has the potential to draw a substantial amount of targeted traffic. THAT Agency has a developed a proven strategy that can help businesses take advantage of this traffic-source and convert it into a customer base.

The influence of Social Media Marketing can not be overstated, and at no other time and on no other medium has the potential to reach such a broad or defined demographic existed. THAT Agency recognized the value of Social Media for their clients from the beginning, and has championed its implementation ever since.

In March, THAT Agency sent two representatives to the Eyefor Travel Social Media conference in San Francisco, California where prominent advocates and social media innovators such as Google, Travelocity, and YouTube met and discussed revolutionary trends, the future, and benefits of Social Media. Such a degree of enthusiasm and dedication to new and influential marketing practices is what a client should expect from their marketing firm, and THAT Agency's Social Media Marketing Services is one regarded as an essential tool to their marketing arsenal. About THAT Agency:

THAT Agency has become one of the leading web design and development firms in Florida. While their client list includes international companies such as Sol Melia Resorts and Masonite Doors, they are still able to meet the needs and budgets of smaller businesses. They are able to provide all of the services of a web solutions company, as well as the expertise and creativity of an advertising agency. With a full staff of designers, developers, and marketing specialists, they are capable of designing a solution for just about any marketing or advertising need. From the web to print, THAT Agency has built a reputation based on its quality and timely delivery. THAT Agency can be contacted at 561-832-6262, or on the web at

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