Why You're Not Getting Indexed

14 February

Why You're Not Getting Indexed

Google won't index your website. It's nothing personal. Shame, really, you invested a lot of time and creativity putting that thing together. Does this sound familiar? Sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself, not doing anything about it. It's tee-ball all over again.

Well cheer up, mopey. Let's do something about it.

First, a little research. Trudge on over to Google so we can find out just how big it thinks you are, using the site: query. This is going to return every page of yours that Googlebot has indexed.

Eg. site:www.thatagency.com

We came out looking pretty good, how about you?

That bad? Well here are a few reasons why Google might be rejecting you. By addressing these common oversights and mistakes, you can finally make the team… I mean make the list, the Google list.

You've disallowed the spiders in your robot.txt: If you've set your robots.txt to disallow spiders, then there should be no mystery as to why Googlebot is skipping over you. The logical solution would be to correct the file. In no way should it resemble the following:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Your server is too slow: Google won't skip over you for having slow response time, but it will, however, grow impatient and index only a fraction of your pages.

Google thinks you're a spammer: If Google even thinks that you're trying to deceive them in someway or cheat your ranking, they will not index your page. Once you feel as though everything is legit, you can submit a re-inclusion request.

Bad navigation: If your navigation is all Flash or your site is just a bunch of broken links, then you're probably not getting indexed.

Spider traps: Anything that hinders a spider sifting through your site to index pages is probably a case of a poor code-to-text ratio. If your page has to redirect twenty times or the majority of your code is oozing in JavaScript, Googlebot is going to struggle through an index.

Site is down/500-errors: If you are plagued with hosting issues and your site is constantly down when a spider tries to index, it will eventually give up.

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