SEO for Yahoo!

21 December

SEO for Yahoo!

So everything you read about Search Engine Optimization, otherwise refered to as SEO, is always about how to optimize for Google. Well, in this post, I am going to talk about how to optimize for the 2nd largest Search Engine, Yahoo.

Yahoo's algorithm is based on that of Inktomi, which Yahoo purchased back in 2002 as a plan to stop serving Google results in their search queries.

To properly optimize for Yahoo, the following are the key Factors that you must focus on:

1. Keyword Density
2. Site Structure
3. Backlinks
4. Aging

Keyword Density
While there is no exact science or exact keyword density for a website page, you should try and keep your keyword density between 3% - 5%. Keyword densities change on a regular basis. By keeping within the targeted range, you ensure that your site will always be optimized to the fullest extent.

Site Structure
Site Structure is perhaps most important to the Yahoo Search Engine Crawler. Your Site Structure determines the order in which your content gets seen by the crawlers, which in turn will give certain content a higher priority than other content. Secondly, a properly structured site will allow the crawler to read necessary content and will hide the ugly, excessive coding using CSS.

Having a solid backlink count from relevant sources with good anchor text is a good practice across all search engines, but it is a major factor on Yahoo. For backlinks, Yahoo factors in quality of site, anchor text and whether the site is a recpricol link or not.

One of the main factors that is out of a website optimizers control is the age of a site. New sites and links are not given the same weight as sites and links that have been around for some time. New sites can find it to be extremely difficult to rank for competitive phrases within 6 months.

Optimizing for Google is NOT all that you need to do in order to have a fully optimized site. Google only reaches a certain number of users. By optimizing for other Search Engines, your site will have more visibility across multiple Search Engines.