Quick Way to Make Extensive Link Partner Lists

30 October

Quick Way to Make Extensive Link Partner Lists

Getting people to link to your site is the most important thing you can do in terms of SEO. Creating quality content, and a site people will want to visit are the first steps to getting those links, but sometimes you may also need to ask the webmasters for them.

The difficulty here is who? and how?

There are several techniques to asking for links. You could trade content for links, reciprocate links, or engage in three way linking, but for our purposes we will just say that we are going to straight up beg for them.

After you have figured out how you will look to attain these links the process begins of choosing who you will ask, and how you will get in touch with them. Simply skimming the search engine results pages for your key terms is one way to go, but the process will be exhausting. If you figure on average you will only get about 5% of the people you contact to link to you you would need 1,000's of names to make this process affective.

In comes Arelis. This software and IBP are among a search marketers best friends. Among there invaluable uses is grabbing website, and website information, including contact info, through keyword searches. Arelis also allows you to find the information of sites already linking to you and linking to your competitors. Once you have found the sites using Arelis you can export whatever information you choose to keep via excel sheets. This makes quick work of creating mass email lists.

By using Arelis you can create email lists with thousands of possible link contacts. By using creative linking ideas you can turn these lists into linking gold. The power is in the numbers.

For those that don't have Arelis a demo version, with limited features, is available at http://www.axandra.com/