Masonite Hires THAT Agency to Develop Web Presence

31 July

Masonite Hires THAT Agency to Develop Web Presence

Masonite, a company known worldwide for its quality interior and exterior doors, has recently contracted THAT Agency to revolutionize its website and internet presence.

For over 80 years, Masonite has focused on leading-edge product innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service. As a company and as a brand, Masonite is known worldwide for its quality products, its exceptional customer service and its employees' commitment to excellence. Masonite is a unique, integrated building products company with its Corporate Headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Masonite operates more than 80 facilities in 18 countries with over 13,000 employees worldwide, spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Masonite sells its products - doors, components and entry systems - to a wide variety of customers in over 50 countries.

To keep pace with its growth, Masonite will look to include state-of-the-art technology and web solutions in the newly developed, areas of expertise for THAT Agency.

One of these changes will be the inclusion of an "e;Interactive Door Configurator"e;, which would allow the user to configure a door to fit their house and budget online. The tool would give the customer various choices such as material, configuration (side lights, transom, glass door, wood door, steel door), and other options. The configurator would be comprised of solid flash, using xml and a database to bring up options and configurations.

THAT Agency will be integrating the new design concepts with an Interwoven content management system. This will allow Masonite to have direct control over its own content without having to worry about employing in-house designers and developers. The inclusion of the CMS is vital to the project being that Masonite has a large amount of content, such as product guides, available on their site.

THAT Agency will handle the Masonite contract from design to search engine optimization, making sure that the new website becomes a strong marketing tool for the company. SEO is the process of making sure that a website is setup up to be indexed by search engines, and that through that indexing, potential customers will traffic the site.THAT Agency is a forward thinking advertising and web design company that offers its clients a full assortment of web and branding solutions. Based in South Florida, they provide clients with everything from website design to print marketing, back to PPC and SEO strategies.Basically, THAT Agency is an interactive design agency that focuses on the concepts of traditional advertising in an increasingly web-based world.

THAT Agency performs web development projects, including building e-commerce websites, business solutions while utilizing the principles of web design, search engine optimization and site usability to promote companies both big and small.

THAT Agency is a web design firm with an advertising agency’s abilities.

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