The PPC Advertising Team for THAT Agency Becomes Google Adwords Qualified

22 July

The PPC Advertising Team for THAT Agency Becomes Google Adwords Qualified

The Search Engine Marketing Manager for THAT Agency, David Snyder, recently earned the title of a Google Adwords Qualified Individual by completing the Google Advertising Professionals program.

THAT Agency is an advertising and web design firm located in South Florida.

This is one of the most coveted titles in the search marketing industry, as it acknowledges an individuals knowledge and ability in the search marketing field.

The Adwords certification program was unveiled by Google in 2004. It includes two levels of certification, one being bestowed on individual search marketers and the other on organizations once at least two staff members meet testing requirements.

The rest of Snyder’s team has also received the Google Adwords Qualified status, taking THAT Agency that much closer to earning the prestigious tag as a Google Adwords Qualified Company.

The Google Advertising Professionals program test itself is a comprehensive and in-depth assessment called the Google Advertising Professional Exam. It is focused on the individuals understanding of the Adwords program and their ability to achieve a lower cost-per-click, a higher ROI, and implement tracking strategies for their clients.

The other requirements for certification include a proven history of campaign management. Once an individual meets both the testing and proficiency requirements they are acknowledged among the few professionals in the search marketing industry to be Google Adwords Qualified.

&quote;Having individuals in our PPC division that are Google Adwords Qualified allows for prospective clients, looking for quality pay-per-click campaign management, to know that they are dealing with a company that is educated in the system, and able to offer them the best strategies for a return-on-investment,&quote; said Teubner.

THAT Agency is able to couple their PPC campaign services with their cutting edge SEO, web design, and brand identity services, to offer their clients a complete arsenal of web solutions. They offer solutions for those looking to create interactive business opportunities through their CMS and sales funnel programming in the creation of ecommerce websites.

THAT Agency provides web solutions for companies both big and small.

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