Backup plan?

15 June

Backup plan?

One of the benefits of the internet is its ability to serve information to an unlimited amount of people , anywhere in the world , anytime of day. Additionally that content can be updated with up to the minute news from any number of resources. the speed of communication and the availability of up to date information has reached an all time high.

Todays business owner naturally wants to be part of this action and they want their business to leverage the power of the internet to gain market share.

But what happens when the internet goes down? Does your business model depend on the internet?

Diversification is key here. Remember the old adage "Dont keep all your eggs in one basket." The same applies to business. Be careful not to depend to much on one channel of marketing. If that channel were to go down, ask yourself: " Do I have a backup plan? "

To protect yourself from occasional internet outages its a good idea to establish an easy to remember telephone number. Something like 1800-NEW-SITE. Using an acronym may help here. This way, customers can reach a real person in the event of a network outage. Also, make sure that number appears on your marketing material so people become familiar with it. Another important step is to keep an active listing in the yellow pages and or information (411).

Internet outages are rare but if you take a few steps you can protect your customer base.

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