THAT Agency Builds For Big Five Tours & Expeditions

22 April

THAT Agency Builds For Big Five Tours & Expeditions, a website devoted to the lure that is the Galapagos Islands, is the newest part of the Big Five Tours & Expeditions family. THAT Agency created a sales funnel website to promote the Galapagos Islands and to help visitors customize a tour to the islands, the equatorial place brought to the public's attention by Charles Darwin in the 1800s. features the top 5 reasons to visit the islands; information about Galapagos conservation; an interactive flash map that allows users to click through each island, to read a summary and to view photos of things (wildlife, primarily) found on each island. The sales funnel also provides a Browse Our Tours section where users can answer questions after which an algorithm would then determine the best trip for them.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows Big Five to create tours, create ships and then assign specific ships to specific tours. Ships can have as little as 16 guests to more than 100. A Book Request form on the website allows users to request that they be contacted about a specific tour and/or ship. This lead then gets transferred to the Big Five Lead Application and Big Five is alerted of the request. THAT Agency's website development plan for Big Five's websites, including, incorporated creating an online Content Management System site utilizing search engine optimization or SEO. The SEO ensures that appears on the lists generated by users utilizing search engines to find information about the Galapagos Islands.

Big Five Tours and Expeditions, awarded World's Best Award for Tour Operators and Safari Outfitters most recently in 2006 by Travel & Leisure magazine (they've been winning this category consistently since 1999), "helps dreams become reality and reality transcend expectation". In addition to featuring special "tours of the month," furnishes destination information and free flash postcards.

The Big Five Tours & Expeditions offers fully customizable tours to Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, the South Pacific or the Polar Regions. Tours can last from as little as three days to more than 26 days. Tours are available for any level of activity, from more relaxed paces to very active or adventure type travel. Big Five's website also can help you locate a tour or travel agent in your local area. is a definitive site on all things Galapagos, from its history to its natural environment to how to tour the islands.

THAT Agency is an interactive design agency and web development firm that focuses using the latest web development techniques and technology, including using online CMS and sales funnel programming in the creation of ecommerce websites. THAT Agency manages online businesses and provides business solutions while utilizing the principles of website design, marketing, search engine optimization and site usability to promote companies both big and small, products and/or services.

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