Staying Current and Staying Relevant or How do I increase my Blog Traffic?

11 April

Staying Current and Staying Relevant or How do I increase my Blog Traffic?

Let me just start by saying how much I dislike the term blogosphere or even the term blog, unfortunately I don't have much of a say in calling it something else.
Online search is dominated by current events and entertainment. A look at Google Zeitgeist or the even more current Yahoo Buzz will give you a solid look as to what people are searching for on the web.
By using these topics as subject matter in your blog you open yourself to the opportunity of more visitors and increased exposure. Now I really have no interest in who Anna Nicole Smiths baby is or who the father is this week, but it is quite the hot topic out there, albeit irrelevant to SEO.

Or is it?

Personally I would like to know more about what pet foods have been recalled and what pet foods contain wheat gluten so I don't feed it to my dog. Look 2 search terms in the same sentence; see what I'm getting at? Integrating current search phrases can be beneficial but it also needs to be relevant.
The remarks Don Imus made about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team and the resulting media frenzy really have no business in this forum, but if you happen to run an entertainment oriented blog, jumping on items like this as soon as they break can shoot your ranking higher and give you the credibility to attract new visitors and retain them.

Speaking of breaking news, this morning Viacom and Yahoo announced an online advertising deal. Considering Viacoms billion dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against Google (mainly clips of their media showing up on YouTube and Google Video), Yahoo still has the number 2 spot in the search world.
Yahoo is also more user friendly and has an established community to a solid user experience and monetize traffic. Google on the other hand has recently taken up with the Time Warner ran AOL to integrate AdSense ads into AOL search queries. This little deal increased AOL ad revenue by 49 percent last quarter and will continue to see improvement as brand names invest in enhanced placement in AOL search.
Ever having another card up their sleeve, Google is also in the process of brokering a deal to run ads on DirectTV although details are few until an official announcement is made.

Now how many search phrases does my blog entry have?

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