Usage of Larger Monitors On The Rise...

15 March

Usage of Larger Monitors On The Rise...

Okay its time to draw the line on screen size. If you have less than a 17" monitor its time to get a new one. The cost is approximately $150 and they are available at any best buy or compusa. This minor upgrade will not only make your websurfing more enjoyable but it will reduce fatigue on your eyes. The flat screen LCDS put off less emissions than the traditional CRT tube displays and they dont flicker - so your eyes can finally relax .

Enough of the sales pitch.

The real reason for the 17" upgrade is this: Designing for less than 1024 pixels wide screens is annoying. In a previous blog I mentioned something about designing for all screens. Well , I take it back. The new canvas size starts at 960 pals.

960? what about 1024 ?

The 960 value is basically a 1024 canvas minus 40-50 pixels for the browser scroll bars and boarders. I know this may be an extreme position to take and may sound inflexible but this a new era , web 2.0 is here.

Here are the best statistics I could find to support my case (note these are from 2003, webside

Screen Resolution_____August 2003_____January 2000
1024 x 768 or higher....57.84%............33.97%
800x 600 or lower.......42.16%............66.03%

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