A New Press Release Strategy

29 January

A New Press Release Strategy

With the rapidly changing realm of the World Wide Web, it is impossible to think that the old school ways for reaching the public haven't changed as well.

Taking into consideration the promise that Web 2.0 public relations old, you must ask yourself the following...

1. Do you want to reach your buyers directly?
2. Do you want to drive traffic to your site?
3. Do you want to achieve high rankings within Search Engines?
4. Do you want to move people through the sales process?
5. Do you want to compete more effectively?

Back in the day, Press Releases were actually "a release to the press." Back then, you knew that the only significance of a Press Release was to get the media to write about you. You needed to have significant rules in order to write a Press Release, and it had to include quotes from third parties.

A New Press Release Strategy allows for Press Releases to be sent over wires and appear nearly real-time on services lik Google News. However, this New Press Release Strategy does not mean that you should just write the same old boring Press Release whenever you want. Since you are reaching your buyers directly, you must now change it, to talk their language. Your primary audience has changed from journalists to millions of people with the Internet, who access Search Engines, RSS Readers and Social Bookmarking Services.

The New Press Release Strategy does not confine you to only writing Press Releases when big news happens. There are plenty of good reasons to submit Press all the time. Whether you are sharing your expertise or flaunting your "Brand New, Cutting Edge Product", there are millions of reasons to write about your company.

The following rules should apply when writing your New Press Releases...

1. Create Press Releases that apply directly to your buyers.
2. Write Press Releases with keyword-rich copy.
3. Create links within your Press Releases that can land potential customers on your site.
4. Optimize your Press Release delivery for searching and browsing.

According to David Meeman Scott, "With the introduction of Google News we saw the birth of the 28-day news cycle. Once a story is 28 days old you will no longer see it appear in news SERPS (search engine result pages). This makes perfect sense if you think about it. The last thing you would want as a consumer is to have to plow through news archives to find current news stories. For this reason, while getting a press release into Google News and Yahoo News is important, perhaps of more importance to your long term online marketing and brand building objectives are the Web search components of Google and Yahoo since this is where most users go while conducting research outside of the 28-day news cycle." This means that in order to maintain constant awareness, you should submit Press Releases at least two or three times per month.

By submitting your Press Release through a distribution service, you usually can get a bunch of additional features along with just the Press Release submission. One of the most useful features, is the creation of an RSS Feed. This feed can then be posted on other sites, blogs or by individuals in emails, etc. This means, that not only is your release accessible by the millions of searchers, but it will also be seen by the thousands of people who have subscribed to the RSS content feeds.

In short, with the ever changing web, our old school ways of thinking about Press Releases must evolve too. So get out there and start writing, because CONTENT IS KING!

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