The New Designer

14 December

The New Designer

Designers today are faced with several new challenges in the world of web and technology. In the past designers were perfectly content to create the day away with their primary worry of making that all important deadline.

Today a solid designer needs a firm understanding of the technology associated with their individual field. Web designers especially need to have a firm grasp of much more than just design theory and a natural skill and eye for design. They need to know the various programming languages behind the pretty pages you see online like CSS, PHP, ActionScript, Javascript, AJAX and XHTML. Without this knowledge todays designers fall short of their client's needs and wants and ulitmately are pigeon-holed into strictly creative. Though this may not sound like "such a bad thing" to some designers but in todays market clients love the idea of the "one stop shop" and the ability to complete the job from start to finish has a certain personal reward as well.

The trick as a designer is to constantly educate yourself on the current technology trends, tips and techniques. You need to constantly challenge yourself not only in the creative mind but also in the logical and analytical mind. Possessing a complete skill set, both code and design you'll find yourself able to handle almost every job presented to you without the initial hesitation of whether or not it's possible. Almost anything's possible in the web world. Dig in a do the research you'll find the answer.

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