Helpful Blogging Tips

27 December

Helpful Blogging Tips

So you've set up a blog now what? What do you write about? These are just two of many questions that arise once you or your company set up a blog. Here are a few guidelines I usually follow when writing blog entries.

1. Write as if you're talking to one person. It'll be one person reading your entry so make it seem even more personal by addressing them individually. Use "you" and "your" instead of "you guys" or "everybody".

2. Write about things you know about.... or things you want to. By writing about things you're either an expert about or very familiar with gives the subject an honest point of view and you're not just regurgitating something someone else has already written about. Writing about questions or challenges you've run into and had to problem solve on is also a great method of spreading online knowledge. If you've taken the time to research a problem chances are someone else out there will too and may just hit your blog looking for the same answer.

3. Write like you talk but don't overdo it. Slang terms and OMG (text shorthand) are primary no-no's. The best way to convey a story, subject or experience is to write in fist person and let it flow just like a conversations. That is, in fact, what you're having with your readers.

4. Keep it short. We all have a tendency to overwrite when a subject really interests us. By writing short conversational pieces you'll engage your readers without making it seem too much like work. If you do need to continue writing put it on another blog page by utilizing the "read more..." aspect of most blogs. This normally opens up a full page for your entire article.

5.Grab their interests. The subject is the first and sometimes the last thing your reader ever sees. Keep them short, snappy and descriptive. Questions in subjects often get the greatest response because the user knows whether or not they care to find the answer.

6. Write as if you're future or current boss will read it. Refrain from cursing or sticking your foot in your mouth. It can and probably will come back to haunt you.

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