Blog and Social Networking Statistics

11 December

Blog and Social Networking Statistics

Last week I had a meeting with Jeff Ramsey fom eMarketer and he shared some statistics that you may find interesting:

Blog stats:
Percent of Internet users that read blogs according to the diferent on-line research companies:
Forrester 10%
BIGresearch 13%
eMarketer 17%
Gallup Poll 20%
Harris/Makovsky 21%
JupiterKagan 22%
Princeton survey 27%
comScore 30%
Ipsos 32%
PEW 39%

Gallup Poll says:
9% read frequently
11% occasionally

3.6% trust blogs as a news source. (Source:Insight Express)
8% trust blogs when making a purchase. (Source:JupiterReseach)
9% trust Blogs as source of information about products (Source:Universal McCann/InsightExpress)
12% trust blogs always or most of the time (Source:Princeton Research Assoc)
38% of firms monitor Blogs (

And for Social Networking sites:
Percent of users going to social sites:
24% (Source:RBC CAPITAL)
25% (Source:Park Assoc)
33% are teens 12 to 17 years old (Source:Mindshare)
58% are young adults 18 to 24 (Source:RBCCapital)

US on-line Social Network Ad spending 2006, 2007 and 2010 (In Millions)
2006 $350
2007 $865
2010 $2,150

91% of medial buyers surveyed said they are NOT buying ads on social networking sites (Source:Deutsche bank/MedialPost survey, 2006)
19% of advertisers claim they have advertised on social networks but only 14% plan to in the next year. Source:American Advertising Federation 2006 survey)
79% of internet users do NOT trust product information they find on social networks. (Source:JupiterResearch)
60% of US internet users view online video on a monthly basis

US online Video Ad Spending (In Miilions)
2004 $135
2005 $225
2006 $410
2007 $775
2008 $1,300
2009 $2,000
2010 $2,900

You Tube audience:
54% 35 to 64 years old according to Nielsen/Net Ratings

100 million videos added every day

(Source of information is noted if not the source was direct from emarketer)

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